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Sanctum's atmosphere is similar to Earth's, but the gravity is significantly lighter, allowing many of the creatures that inhabit it to evolve for flight. The terrain consists of spire-like mountains, often tall enough to reach through clouds and plateaus that sport forests and other wildlife. There are two oceans, which cover a quarter of the planet's surface and many lakes. It has a population of four billion.

Sanctum shares a solar system with seven sister planets, one of which has been colonized originally as a prison. The weather of Sanctum is a balance of sunny skies, overcasts and rain storms. Earthquakes are common, powerful ones are rare. A year lasts four hundred and seventy days, days last twenty hours, with Fourteen of sunlight.


Sanctum keeps several colonies active as a precaution to apocalypse events, hubs for transporting important materials, and other reasons. Their most notable ones are;

High note one. Sanctum's first out of system colony that is used for storage of resources. It's terraformed to have lots of jungles. It's population is barely one billion.

Sharp Pitch Eight. A space station colony. It is used for producing complicated components that gravity interferes with. If Sanctum needs something exported, they do it from here. It's population is mostly androids and non angels. The station is mostly self sufficient, organics are rotated out from Sanctum periodically during non essential supply runs. It's population is less than ten thousand.

Flat note two. An empty colony maintained by drones. The planet is entirely overtaken by nature and used for an evacuation point if needed. Should an entire population be eliminated, their data can be transported here by shuttle and resleeving will be performed.

High note Eight. A colony on a moon. It is inside of a teraformed dome, used as a backup for a mass extinction event. Periodically backups are sent to this colony. It also serves as a hub for interacting with galactic societies by the frontier, making it less than a day's transit from Virgo.

Quarter Rest Whole Note. Sanctum's First planetary colony for angels and immigrants who have lived above four hundred years.

Infernum. A colony originally used for holding prisoners, it's now a separate nation of it's own. While it's in the same system as Sanctum, it's rarely visited by angels. All of the population is composed of demons, angels who gene modded their selves excessively.

The Angels

Sanctum's dominant species are the Angels. Strong believers in perfection, and as a result, they have a strong focus in medical and genetics research. On modern day Sanctum, it's unheard of to have any sort of imperfection, though it's possible for those who live away from, or were born in another planet without such technologies and medicines and in rougher conditions. Because of their reliance on flight, their bodies are often lighter, and more delicate than other species. A healthy Angel's lifespan lasts around two hundred and eighty years, though, with proper diet and lifestyle, they can live up to three hundred and twenty years.

Due to their long lifespans, resleeving in premature deaths is widely accepted. Most deaths are caused by old age, however, with a third of the planet's weather being stormy, flight accidents occur.

Modern Day

Sanctum's government is hierarchy, currently with one ruler. They are the official image of Sanctum's court. The court is in charge of laws and policies, members are elected. There are no borders in sanctum, instead, cities are handled by their leaders, any conflicts are handled by the courts. Education Education starts around the age of eight, usually lasting for twenty to forty years, depending on how the individual wishes to affect society. Post education has been meshed into the normal school system, individuals are allowed to return to school should they find a new passion. There is an average of three campuses per large city, which are composed of several buildings, while smaller cities have just one. They are usually spread out to be accessible.

Policing and Criminals

Crime on Sanctum is mostly staved off by preventative measures such as counseling, ensuring citizens have access to what they need, and ensuring they have 'human' rights like food, shelter, heating and other necessities. However, some people manage to fall through the cracks. Those who isolate their selves have a larger chance of not having their mental health properly taken care of, which is the biggest source of crime. Children who are bullied may be driven to drastic measures like assault, while an adult with mental health problems may lash out to others which can often be fatal.

Minor crimes like stealing something you don't own for whatever reason or vandalism are met with either counseling or community service, while the rare dangerous citizen would be locked up and be taken care of until they are better. Due to the minimalist policing Angels have, should someone be too dangerous to actually contain, their most effective strategy is to 'Throw robots at them until they give up." They will organize the robots to 'siege' them in a circle and slowly approach until there is no where left to go, and then they will be safely relocated to a hospital which will detain them and focus on restoring their health. This same method is used to contain rowdy tourists who litter or vandalize.

For laws, see Sanctum Law

Prison networks

Prison networks are virtual spaces where individuals who are threats to their selves or others are held. They generally are a locked house with comforts that suit the individual. Inside, they are able to interact with others if allowed by their handlers.The goal for individuals inside of a prison network is rehabilitation, though if impossible, uploading into a lawed machine will be done instead. These 'slaved' individuals tend to have an overseeing AI to help guide them.

Medicine and Doctors

Modern day medicine is as advanced as the humans, but is much more obtainable to the citizens of Sanctum. Injuries are common, often caused by flight accidents in youth. Often enough for serious injuries, new organs or limbs can be regrown in printers. Resleeving itself is not frowned upon and is common place for high risk jobs or activities.

Locals of Sanctum are expected to get counseling once a week to keep on top of any mental issues and to prevent them from becoming worse, usually with a volunteer doctor assisted by a database and an AI. As a result of this, it's very rare for any mental illness to significantly affect their loves.

Angels and Immigrants who live above four hundred years now are sent to Quarter Rest Whole Note to make room for new angels and aliens being born. More colonies for angels will be popping up in the future. Living past four hundred years requires a ten year break from living. They are put into a virtual rehabilitation program with their memories backed up and removed, then slowly reintroduced over several years. Once stable, they are resleeved at the new colony, and then given portable servers for old overflow brain data to be stored, in the form of a halo.

Citizens Today

In the modern day, Citizens are composed of those who are born in Sanctum, or colonies which mostly are Angels. Other races have the chance to live in harmony as well. Under the conditions of maintaining a full time job, considered to be six hours for a year. After the year, they are officially immigrant citizens, who are required to work only three hours a day. Due to Sanctum's conditions, Androids often choose to make a life on Sanctum. Plant based species like Diona or Alruanes also have an easy time making a life on Sanctum due to their lack of need for shelter, usually given a small shed for hiding in during wind storms and storing tools by communal gardens.

Lifestyle and Economy

Over the course of several thousand years, Sanctum has managed to create a system based around sparsity. Citizens are given what they need, for no currency.

An average angel household holds a family of up to ten, each angel having a room to their self, one for dining, one for social activities, one washroom for each third of the household and a kitchen. Younger angels rarely move out of their parents houses, instead living with them. The oldest angels generally move out of their family's house to make space for the next generations, usually near by.

Children start their days off with breakfast with their families in the morning and spend their time doing what they enjoy doing. Around mid day, they take off for school, generally lasting four to five hours a day. Once they are home again, their time is free.

Adults, age twenty and above have similar lifestyles to children, but without the school. Instead, they choose to either do some sort of work, practice a skill, play games, or even just socialize. It's a very simple lifestyle.

Non-natives who haven't been around for a year generally work their full time job and then live the same way any other angel would, though, a tad bit more difficult without wings. After they finish their mandatory full time and are downgraded to only three hours, They tend to spend the time socializing with locals.

With the introduction of nano-machine technology, they have been replacing factories with structures called "Wells". They are essentially giant pits in the ground, or giant buckets if the city is above ground. They hold mined resources and nano-machines, along with wood, fibers and synthetic fibers. The Well's nano-machines can be drawn from and assemble anything needed, as long as a blueprint exists and the materials are available somewhere. From furniture to machinery, those are what Sanctum's technology comes from.

Smaller scale Wells are what the angel's food comes from, though, generally it's raw ingredients as it's preferred to cook.

Sanctum has begun to take money for their services from visitors, which is collected by the court. Money is kept for emergencies, such as an unforeseen disaster, or paying for mercenaries should war ever become a threat.

Angel Technology

Angels all have a computer implanted into their brains, which acts as a mental backup, their computer, phone and interface with the world. To one without an implant, the buildings would appear plain and any signs would be blank. The data is augmented to make it easier to change and make buildings more multipurpose. It would be very easy to get lost since most buildings wouldn't be very unique without the implant. Rather than make a television, one could be conjured with the implant, and their family could all watch it together, then once they are done, it simply stops being simulated. Virtual reality also is a thing the implants can do, though, sometimes it's better for that to be a private matter. If the implant doesn't have access to any Sanctum servers, it just doesn't work any more than a calculator and private virtual reality suite.

Being a post singularity society, life has become very easy for anyone on the planet, be it a native or someone who chooses to live on Sanctum, or a colony. Someone who's become dependent on their technology or lifestyle would have a very hard time adapting.

Sanctum's orbit is littered with plenty of defense satellites which will be turned to any who are not properly authorized to be there, or used as deterrent for raids or war. The satellites each have a different network they work off, if one is compromised, it'll be shot down. The satellites use different weapons based on situations, All work based off of a portal network that functions off of complex math. Angels are a fan of showing off their work and have the equations visible through holograms. The holograms are visible from a distance which give off a holy appearance, and are much more intimidating. It also functions as a warning system that you're about to be fired on. Once the math is all done and checked out, a portal through the network is opened at the satellite's lens and directly inside their sun to fire it's volatile radiation. This effectively can either be a deadly beam, or a giant light saber in space. Should they want the target to survive, they can use a satellite that deconstructs itself and each individual piece flies towards a disabled or unidentified vessel and latch on to them until entirely constructed and filled with air. This box would essentially be a ship in a jar that's brought down to Sanctum and determine if they are a threat or not.

Non lethal defense satellites open a portal to Sanctum's anti-space array which is essentially a bunch of very thin lasers glued to a wall and pointed into said portal in space. These thin lasers can target essential systems like thrusters and weapons to less-than safely disable them, then capture the ship.

Handheld weapons operate the same way as their satellites, but on a much smaller scale. Instead of using the sun or a gun array in space, the portal connects to one of many power plants with an array of guns attached that are all shared. They are incredibly efficient and interchangeable, but can't be moved. If for some reason an army of angels needed to all use handheld weapons at once, a portal could share the same gun for multiple people. As a result of the holographic math that comes from their handheld devices, it looks very much like magic. In order to power the operational end of the portal, a halo would function as a battery cell instead of a server. Rather than yellow, this one would be red. As such, Angels and androids who work in security in or out of Sanctum would be seen with red halos.

For handheld weapons outside of Sanctum, a halo also can be used as a miniature relay for a generator in their ship.

The angel's portal network is a complex series of servers and infrastructure that is essentially 'weaved' through realspace and bluespace. Making another one of these systems would be far too expensive and risky for a corporation to consider using due to possible for malfunction, where Sanctum is more willing to put up with the chance of a massive laser firing at a criminal and the taser firing at a wall of a rescue operation due to the acceptance of resleeving. While a corporation would lose a lot more money from such an accident.

Sins and Taboos

Over the years, sins have lost and gained meanings. While in the past, they might have been a suitable guideline, Angels have grown a much more open mind as their needs have changed. Instead, they are now refereed to as Taboos. Safe Sex is accepted in modern society, and is kept very private. Reproduction is only done with intent. Lust has become "Needless Propagation." As everyone has the same things and rights in society, and for the most part is satisfying and comfortable, it's rare for someone to become envious over physical objects. Instead, love is the prime target. Youth are frequently told that life is long, and that they have enough time to find someone. Angels who wish for more than they are given often leave Sanctum on their own choice. The youthful generally return quickly. Greed, Envy and Gluttony have become "Take what you need." It's frowned upon to look down on people for their choice of work, or even better yourself than others. Wrath and Pride have become "Empty Empathy." Being handed everything you could possibly need can give temptation to laze and let your body waste away. Sloth has become "Passionless".

Angels are also very sheltered, things that are common for humans like miniskirts or tank tops would be borderline public nudity to angels. As such, they tend to wear pants and long dresses, short sleeve or medium sleeve shirts that cover up to their necks, and sometimes even gloves that go to their elbows depending on how shy they are. Public displays of affection are limited to almost the same as a human school's "Hands off feet off" policy. Simply holding hands or hugging in public would be excessive, while kissing is outright inappropriate. However, a parent holding their child's hand for safety doesn't apply here for obvious reasons. Discussing sexual behavior is almost outright taboo on it's own, which can make sexual education very difficult. As a result, Angels have a habit of clinging onto the first thing that causes arousal, which may not always be normal.

Views on Demons

The angel's views on demons can vary from culture to culture. The subject of demons is briefly touched in history classes and social studies classes. It's common knowledge that they vary in shapes and sizes, and their various types. While schools don't actively try and antagonize demons, rumor mills can come up with some silly things, such as Succubus having the power to make you aroused, when in reality, the sight of a mostly naked person would do that to an angel who hasn't left Sanctum before. In general, some angels look at demons with pity, others with fear or even disgust.

History - Being reworked due to being awful.

Sanctum's recorded history dates back to 7,000 B.C and will be referred to as BC and AC for reading purposes.

6789, B.C.: Major cities establish around Sanctum. Most trade was done through bartering.

6786, B.C.: A general purpose currency made out of dyed bird feathers begun to be used, colours defining value.

6783, B.C.: Written Language known as 'Songscript' has become the mainstream written language.

6781, B.C.: Mud and clay structures become obsolete as stone masonry becomes viable. Tools for grinding rocks developed, and mixtures for fusing them back discovered. This made it easier for angels to collect stone and transport it.

6780, B.C.: Due to use of stone being used in more tools, wood has become easier to use. As a result, housing protects against the elements and allowed population to grow further.

6777, B.C.: Infrastructure for canals and better fields were developed, increasing abundance of food.

6774, B.C.: As societies became more comfortable, Angels had time to worry about imaginary fears. Accidents such as wall collapses, or fires were soon blamed on those who practiced the Angel equivalent to witchcraft. Objects used in their practices such as clay halos, dyes and large stones were outlawed to ease unrest.

6773, B.C.: Secret cults would form as 'witches' were slain out of fear. They generally were active on larger spire mountains, where they were harder to get objects to.

6771, B.C.: While the fear of witches died down, Executions would still take place to keep up an appearance of anti-witch precautions. Some who were suspected of witchery are contacted by cult members for recruiting. Those who hid would live in the spires to avoid death.

6765, B.C.: The experimental Angels of the cults discover metal forging from fine powders. While brittle, they are much lighter than stone tools.

6763, B.C.: Angels develop a method of molding bricks in higher altitudes, larger structures are constructed.

6761, B.C.: Cult Angels develop much more refined metals with higher durability. These are used for extremely sharp blades. While deadly, they also make excellent tools.

6761, B.C.: A crusade begins. An extremist faction from one of the cults has armed, and produced a raiding party of around three dozen. Due to how often they fly in heights, and superior weaponry, they are much more proficient in combat. A city called Layenoyr was the first to be attacked. Their defenders were slaughtered in a day, and the city was captured.

6760, B.C.: Layenoyr's fall took time for news to spread to other cities. They attempt to prepare defenses. Meanwhile, Layenoyr's new rulers set it's original combatants as the guardsmen, any of it's original citizens became second class, while the religious invaders became first. Religious structures erected over time.

6757, B.C.: Other Angel societies develop metal forging, along with anti-air combat. The most effective weapons were spears, halberds and long whips. Tools with ropes and weights were used for tangling wings. Bows and arrows were seldom used, except for ambushes.

6755, B.C.: Due to the religious Angel's experimental nature, more effective medicines were developed. They've also begun building on spires, due to their defend-able nature. The leaders would live in them.

6750, B.C.: As tools improve on all sides, the feathered currency slowly becomes worthless. Metal powders become the new currency outside of Layenoyr. Mining was a common and brutal job.

6746, B.C.: Layenoyr's religion absorbs most other cults. Explosives also are developed, making mining much easier.

6740, B.C.: The younger generation of Layenoyr are raised to be religious and experimental, while the non-religious Angels die off. With the medicines the first class religious citizens receive, their life span extends to eighty years on average.

6735, B.C.: Most other cities live far in the past compared to Layenoyr, while most are able to live comfortably, they do little creating.

6733, B.C.: Two cities, Eltribith and Ilspen attempt to re-open trading with Layenoyr. Layenoyr agrees, in exchange for un-outlawing religion.

6732, B.C.: Eltribith and Ilspen complete negotiations with Layenoyr, trading metal powders for new medicines and tools. They become shunned by most other cities.

6725, B.C.: Out of fear, a city named Vaer mobilizes troops, attempting to capture Ilspen.

6722, B.C.: Ilspen prepares their own troops after fighting off Vaer's for three years. Layenoyr sends assistance.

6721, B.C.: Vaer has fallen, and is now captured by Layenoyr. Ilspen willingly joins sides with Layenoyr.

6710, B.C.: Other cities quickly open up trading with Layenoyr, in exchange for un-outlawing religion and building religious structures.

6705, B.C.: Those who don't open trading with Layenoyr soon catch up with technology through trading with third parties.

6650, B.C.: Certain animals have begun being used for livestock. Harvesting meats, milk and furs.

6450, B.C.: Religious practices change slowly as new generations take over. They are less looked at as "Witchcraft", and more like Buddhists.

6000, B.C.: Angels have spread all over Sanctum, boats are used to cross oceans and discover new lands.

5500, B.C.: As cities become farther and farther apart, the closer ones soon become absorbed together, forming unions, or counties.

5000, B.C.: Ports become the easiest way to transport large amounts of goods. With the distance between each city, warfare not only becomes impractical, but useless.

4032, B.C.: Electricity has been discovered. The Angel calendar begins. 0000, Age of Angels.

4031, B.C.: Lights are developed, wiring made from a common metal known to humans as 'gold' are used to transfer electricity. Power is generated from small dams.

4012, B.C.: Electricity is used to commonly light households.

4005, B.C.: Motors are developed.

4003, B.C.: Assembly lines become much more efficient, using a belt made out of rubber to carry objects to another part of the line with motors.

3998, B.C.: Batteries are developed.

3993, B.C.: Wind turbines are developed, and placed at the top of spires. They generate much more power in shorter bursts.

3980, B.C.: Power storage has been improved, making turbines much more effective for long term use.

3970, B.C.: Quality of life has been improved immensely, Angel lifespan reaches one hundred years on average due to temperature regulation, low stress, plentiful resources.

3933, B.C.: The data storage unit has been created, capable of memorizing and printing out complicated punch hole paper sheets. Aside from simple calculations, there isn't any use for it yet.

3870, B.C.: Computers have been developed. Currently, they only are used in massive buildings, and have several megabytes of storage.

3850, B.C.: Vehicles have been developed, used for transporting heavy goods. They tend to have one or two seats. Flying is much faster, still.

3821, B.C.: The first consumer computer has been developed, Boasting a memory of fifty to one hundred megabytes. Mostly used for storing notes and printing paper.

3811, B.C.: Computers double in power, able to hold simple games, photos and music.

3790, B.C.: Communication through computers has been achieved, using long wires, they connect networks. While not able to truly connect the world, they increase the ease of local connection. Entire countries can easily communicate.

3758, B.C.: Combustible fuel has been discovered, it is stored in case of emergencies, such as power outages.

3732, B.C.: The first rocket has been developed due to the lighter gravity, and sudden abundance of combustible fuel.

3703, B.C.: Sanctum's moon has been reached.

3700, B.C.: Computers have thousands of terabytes of storage, and insane processing power.

3693, B.C.: The first self upgrading AI has been developed.

3692, B.C.: The Technological Singularity has occured. The AI's upgraded itself and it's hardware beyond comprehension, and is at modern human's level. Science is completed.

3691, B.C.: Satellites have been launched into orbit, enabling global communication.

3690, B.C.: Most Angels no longer have jobs, money has been rendered obsolete.

3689, B.C.: The uploading of consciousness has been outlawed from being used, due to the current ethics.

3680, B.C.: Most work is now automated.

3670, B.C.: Angel lifespan has reached one hundred eighty years due to the spreading of medical technologies. Religion is no longer mainstream.

3660, B.C.: Scarcity has disappeared, most countries have adapted the same means to feed, shelter and take care of their citizens.

3500, B.C.: Countries on the main land have absorbed each other, while others over the oceans absorb each other.

3000, B.C.: All Angels use a portable computer somewhere on their person, usually in the form of a halo, or glasses. Most signs and posters exist in augmented reality. Angels are heavily educated. Angel lifespan has reached three hundred years.

2500, B.C.: Angels begin creating colonies away from their own system. "Prosperity", "Rapture", "Home" Are just some. Resleeving is commonly used to prevent premature death.

2000, B.C.: The world becomes fully united, under the leadership of Marbingel Lucefer. With sudden shifting of laws, Thousands of angels become incarcerated while doing things that used to be legal in their countries. Angel Lifespan has reached three hundred fifty years.

1934, B.C.: Due to the overwhelming amount of prisoners, Marbingel Lucefer exiles all permanently incarcerated criminals to a colony on one of the planets in Sanctum's system. It is called Infernum. It's population suddenly becomes one hundred thousand.

1933, B.C.: Marbingel Lucefer has been exiled to Infernum for the amount of people they have exiled. It unfortunately isn't possible to return the angels to Sanctum due to resources at the time. They instead send supplies to Infernum to give them the means to create better living situations for their selves.

1000, B.C.: While Infernum has access to Sanctum technology, they are far from post scarcity. Most Angels have gotten aggressive genetic modifications, and are now demons. Angels now use preventative systems for crimes, such as early childhood counseling, counseling for minor crimes, counseling for major crimes, counseling for acting odd.

932, B.C.: Uploading Consciousnesses is no longer outlawed, though, is a moral grey area.

~100, B.C.: Angels have discovered life elsewhere. Earth's humans look remarkably similar to wingless Angels, but are much stronger and much more durable.

3, A.C.: Angels get bored/horrified/sick of humans and leave earth forever.

1000, A.C.: Incarceration is no longer a form of punishment.

2000, A.C.: Angels discovered several other species, such as Tajaran, and Unathi. They got bored/horrified/sick of them all as well.

2561, A.C.: Modern day. Angels don't tend to take part in galactic society. At most, they trade off excess materials in exchange for fallback currencies. Angel lifespan is now three hundred eighty years.

2562-03-11, AC.: Sanctum Backed out of a trade for phoron after Infernum showed interest and promptly outbid them. They refused to take Greed's corporation's offer of transporting the phoron to Sanctum for a fee as well as the phoron's cost.

2562-03-11, AC.: Sanctum has removed the ban on living past four hundred years due to medical advancement.