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Welcome to Virgo-Erigone (Virgo for short), a system within the Coreward Periphery, one of the two current frontiers of Humanity they pay even a modicum of attention to. This is due to the reason you are stationed here: The gas giant Virgo 3. Being a massive ball of liquid and gaseous phoron, Virgo 3 is one of many of the Coreward Periphery, where a phoron heavy star has gone supernova millenia ago, scattering the coveted material over nearby star systems, just waiting to be exploited.

As an employee of NanoTrasen you can be expected to be working at one of the various NT facilities within Virgo-Erigone. Currently there are two main deployments (or maps) within rotation. The first is the NSB Adephagia (colloquially known as the Tether), which is a phoron research facility located on Virgo 3B featuring a space elevator. The second is the NRV Stellar Delight, a small emergency response vessel. Finally there's the NSB Rascal's Pass, a recently established facility located on Virgo 3C. NT is always looking for new places to exploit explore, so more deployments may be added to the rotation in the future.

Currently, the map rotates every Sunday, alternating between NSB Adephagia and the NRV Stellar Delight. NSB Rascal's Pass also makes occasional appearances, but is not currently in the main rotation. This usually occurs at 23:59 UTC + 0, give or take a few hours depending on the timing the currently active shift ends.


Sol and its interstellar neighbors. Virgo-Erigone can be seen in the upper right within the Coreward Periphery

Discovered in 2241 by explorers of the Commonwealth, the Virgo-Erigone system was named after Erigone, daughter of Icarius of Athens.

Relative to Earth, Virgo can be found toward the coreward periphery far past the borders of the Commonwealth. The star system was originally named Virgo because of a cartography entry mistake that initially described the star being within the Virgo constellation, even though the coordinates were completely wrong. This name was later changed to Erigone when the error was corrected, but by then star maps were already programmed to direct searches for Virgo to the new system, while Erigone did not turn up an entry at all. Rather than correct the mistake and replace Virgo with Erigone, charting authorities decided to change the official name to Virgo-Erigone so as to avoid confusion among pilots. This way both entries of Virgo or Erigone will bring navigation computers to the correct system.

The Virgo-Erigone system is a home to the Virgo Orbital Research Establishment.

The star is a F-type main-sequence star of advanced age, only having about five hundred million years left. This is usually regarded as a non-issue by anyone.

NSB Adephagia

The NSB Adephagia, or more commonly Tether, is located on the second moon of Virgo 3, Virgo 3B. The moon has a cold atmosphere of highly prized phoron gas, making it a prime location for NanoTrasen to exploit. The facility itself is a research establishment on the surface, but its main feature is the massive space elevator allowing easy transport of the moon's resources into orbit.

Most of the crew's facilities are located on the third floor, which features a majority of the departments as well as the bar, kitchen, and various recreational areas. The first and second floors are mainly extensions of the departments on floor 3, however floor 1 is where the dorms are located as well as the tram station to the Virgo 3B colony. The space elevator itself can take crew up to a 'midpoint' which is another relaxing recreational area, but more importantly it leads to an asteroid in geosynchronous orbit which features the power plant as well as docks for spacecraft and mining shuttles.

NRV Stellar Delight

The NRV Stellar Delight is an emergency response vessel. While it is typically found orbiting Virgo 3B it is able to move about the sector, typically for Virgo 4 beach vacations responding to non-combat emergencies that may occur in the system.

The crew will find themselves spending most of their time on deck 2, which features a bar and kitchen as well as a recreational space at the fore of the ship. Also on deck 2 are the bridge and medbay located amidships, while engineering spaces and cargo are located at the aft. Deck 1 is where the dormitories can be found as well as the library and science department. While deck 3 is primarily maintenance spaces there is a staircase across from medbay leading to a cafeteria as well as officer quarters, while the aft is where the dock for the transfer shuttle can be found as well as the NTV Starstuff.

NSB Rascal's Pass

NSB Rascal's Pass is a recently constructed facility located on Virgo 3C, a moon with a breathable atmosphere and a decent amount of volcanic activity. As the name implies the facility is tucked into a valley and crew will need to watch out for drops from high cliffs if they want to avoid injury.

Most of the crew's facilities are located on the second level on the western portion of the base, accessed by the staircase directly northwest when stepping out of the cryo/teleporter room. Here they will find a very sizable bar with a separate kitchen to the south and a bridge leading to science even further south. To the north of the bar is a staircase to the transfer shuttle, as well as a path to the library and dormitories. Following the path east past the chapel there is the medbay as well as the cargo office. While there are other points of interest these are the ones most crew should know about. It is wise to stick to the footpaths, as there is vast wilderness and cave systems off the path and it is very easy to get lost if going unprepared.

((Currently, NSB Rascal's Pass is on a seasonal rotation - appearing for one week before returning to dormancy))


The off-worlder colony upon Virgo 3b. This is where the a large amount of NanoTrasen employees live, and also hosts the NanoTrasen Central Command. It is a mostly subterranean facility with an environmental dome for certain services and influential, wealthy residents.

Archive Maps

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NSB Adephagia

As of June 03 2020

As of April 24 2020 Main map (with Talon) as of 04/24/20

As Of April 16 2020 Main map as of 04/16/20

As Of June 14 2018 Main map as of 7/14/18

As Of June 23 2018

Stellar Delight

As Of July 3 2022 Normal Version:

Rascals Pass

As Of July 3 2022 Normal Version:

Simplified Version (Credit to Yoof#1383 on Discord):

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