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These are just temporary notes regarding how FTL works in our lore. Eventually I'm going to come back and clean this up.

FTL is local space in an individual system. All you're doing is warping space to screw with the speed limit of the universe.

Bluespace is literally using a wormhole to jump to another system, and range varies by ship, but you need to jump to a major gravity well to get out of Bluespace with those ships (such as another star) or the ship gets lost in Bluespace and everyone dies horribly.

Most ships are limited 10-20 lightyears per jump. Smaller exploration ships can manage up to 50 lightyears if they're lucky, and more if they use (dangerous) shortcuts like pulars. You can do one jump about every minute, not including refueling. Phoron is the fuel needed to keep FTL engines working, and only dying stars that produce it. To obtain phoron you also need to find a system where the conditions are right. There must be small planetoids near enough to the local star for the phoron to get soaked up from solar winds. Best results are dense asteroid fields and gas giants with moons.

You COULD scoop it from the star its self but this requires special equipment and is only practical for very small vessels.

Theoretically, a trip from Sol to Virgo-Erigone would take only about 50 hours for an average freighter ship (at 10ly per jump), but the problem is refueling takes a long time, and the route gets further complicated as it's not typically a straight line from point-A to point-B since stars are often more than 10ly apart. This problem is further compounded by the need to find stars capable of producing phoron along the way. Many space travelers die as a result of failing to keep to known hyperspace routes where phoron or refueling stops are available.