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Welcome to your lab!

You think you know all there is to know about xenobiology – you just finished your studies and graduated at the top of your class, of course you're going to be amazing at this! Well, no! Stop thinking that, start thinking about reading this page. Your lab consists of your equipment and machinary.

  • • The slime core growth apparatus is where you grow your slimes from.
  • • The Biological Sample Storage contains all of your slime cores at the start of the shift.
  • • The Slime extractor is used to extract slime cores from a fully grown slime.
  • • A chemistry dispenser for dispensing chemicals such as sugar, radium and for mixing other chemicals such as unstable mutagen.
  • • All-In-One Grinder for grinding reagent holders.
  • • Stun gun and stun baton for incapacitating slimes.
  • • A slime analyzer.

Now that you're familiar with your equipment, you should get some things to mutate and feed your slimes with. Any kind of food will work and so will woodpulp and sugar. For mutations, unstable mutagen and radium are recommended. You feed your slimes by putting them into the injector machines and injecting them with the food chemicals. You do the same to mutate them - put a beaker of whatever concoction you've made up into the injector machine and pull your slimefriend into it, then inject it to induce mutations.

The genes are straight from the Polaris wiki:

The Genes

  • Biochemistry: Biochemistry determines the chemicals inside of the product.
  • Bioluminescence: Bioluminescence determines whether or not the creature glows, and how strongly it will glow.
  • Color: Color determines the base color of the creature, and the color of any kind of glow.
  • Internal: The “internal” gene controls the creature's reaction to any reagents injected into it, provided that they are mutable enough.
  • Learning: The “learning” gene controls the creature's ability to learn new phrases.
  • Physical: The “physical” gene controls the creature's health, and damage ranges.
  • Resistance: The “resistance” gene controls the creature's resistance to heat deviations from standard temperatures, with different tolerances for hot and cold temperatures.
  • Special The “special” gene controls the hostility, and if they are mutable enough, the chromatic properties of the slime. It's either one or the other, so dash any hopes of laser-proof swarms of creatures.
  • Speech: The “speech” gene controls the creature's ability to speak, and how frequently it does so.
  • Speed The gene related to speed effects the creature's ability to move freely.

The new xenobiology is very similar to xenobotany. Shockingly so.
Each gene is assigned a random number each shift and you have to find out by messing around with the genes, obviously I won't tell you the exact step for it because it is much more fun to find out on your own.

As a hint, you have to grow the slimes, extract 'em and have at least one grey slime to apply different genes to so you can find out.

Chemical Reactions

  • "nutriment" = list("nutr" = 0.5),
  • "radium" = list("toxic" = 0.3, "mut" = 1),
  • "mutagen" = list("nutr" = 0.4, "mut" = 2),
  • "water" = list("nutr" = -0.1),
  • "milk" = list("nutr" = 0.3),
  • "sacid" = list("toxic" = 1),
  • "pacid" = list("toxic" = 2),
  • "chlorine" = list("toxic" = 0.5),
  • "ammonia" = list("toxic" = 0.5),
  • "sodawater" = list("toxic" = 0.1, "nutr" = -0.1),
  • "beer" = list("nutr" = 0.6),
  • "diethylamine" = list("nutr" = 0.9),
  • "sugar" = list("toxic" = 0.4, "nutr" = 0.2),
  • "eznutrient" = list("nutr" = 0.8),
  • "cryoxadone" = list("toxic" = 0.4),
  • "flourine" = list("toxic" = 0.1),
  • "robustharvest" = list("nutr" = 1.5),
  • "glucose" = list("nutr" = 0.5),
  • "blood" = list("nutr" = 0.75, "toxic" = 0.05, "mut" = 0.45),
  • "fuel" = list("toxic" = 0.4),
  • "toxin" = list("toxic" = 0.5),
  • "carpotoxin" = list("toxic" = 1, "mut" = 1.5),
  • "phoron" = list("toxic" = 1.5, "mut" = 0.03),
  • "cyanide" = list("toxic" = 3.5),
  • "slimejelly" = list("nutr" = 0.5),
  • "amutationtoxin" = list("toxic" = 0.1, "heal" = 1.5, "mut" = 3),
  • "mutationtoxin" = list("toxic" = 0.1, "heal" = 1, "mut" = 1.5),
  • "gold" = list("heal" = 0.3, "nutr" = 0.7, "mut" = 0.3),
  • "uranium" = list("heal" = 0.3, "toxic" = 0.7, "mut" = 1.2),
  • "glycerol" = list("nutr" = 0.6),
  • "woodpulp" = list("heal" = 0.1, "nutr" = 0.7),
  • "docilitytoxin" = list("nutr" = 0.3) )

The Actual Process (EmoxNeko's Senpai Edition)

Always wondering why one person can do this job while you can't? Who knows? While this 'process' is not required, it usually tends to work right now with all the bugs and what-not. Things to note before you actually start this process!

  • Every injector has a sixty unit empty beaker loaded into them. Shoving another one in there will quickly overdose your slimes or just bug out completely.
  • All slime cores have different variables. It's suggested to store them neatly in several boxes or something rather than putting the storage as well as labeling them to prevent bugs.
  • Some slime cores, even one you may grab from the default five given to you can be used to replicate more than one slime. (This is actually a bug. Don't replicate more than one with the same core. The core will eventually disappear, allowing you to shove a new one in.)
  • At the moment, disposals will probably kill your slime. You have to go in the cage anyway to put them in the injector. Don't be lazy.
  • Organization. Seriously. This second note. Guys. Organize things. Like, I cannot stress this enough. You will fix so many issues by doing this. Do your damn jobs.

With that, let's get to it!

First off, you'll need the tools of destruction as stated above. The Taser Gun is always good to have if a slime gets 'too hostile' (though they usually never do.) and a slime analyzer is good for detecting this as well as genetic changes within the slime. You'll also need that godly multitool they provide you. It's very helpful. Stealing every source of Robust Harvest is also good (but bound to get you slapped and arrested more often and maybe even taken down a level.)

Now that we have our tools, we can move on! First, what you'll want to do is go to each console with a multitool in your active hand and click the console and 'store' the buffers. Then go to the injector and click it and it'll link the two. After the link, click the multitool twice and it'll give you the option to 'clear' the buffers. Hit yes, repeat for other three consoles and injectors. Be sure to link the right ones together or you'll get confused now!

Once that's done, the multitool is essentially worthless. Sell it off to an engineer or something. Or keep it incase the power goes out and somehow unlinks everything.

Next up is grabbing a core out from the storage! Just plop one out and put it into your hand. You have five. Since they're the defaults, I don't recommend breaking them down yet. (Which we'll get to.) For now, put them in the growth replicator next to the storage and see what you can make out of it! For now, stick to one. If the core is still in there after you've made a slime, congratulations, it had more than one baby in there. You should always keep two grey slime cores ready to go. Also mass produce grey slime cores by getting non-mutated adult grey slimes.

After you've got your slime, you'll want to go to the console of the cell you'll put it into and eject the beaker. Afterwards, manually drag your slime into the cell and analyze them. Print the report, and put it into a labeled folder for the mutated ones so that you know what changes you're doing and how important they are! You can also get the camera and universal recorder from the Outpost Break Room for better recording of results! Everything on this sheet matters. EVERYTHING.

From there, you have quite some choices. Slimes that are from the default cores tend to yearn for 54 - 80 units of Nutriment. This is equal to 60 units of Diethylamine to 53.5 units of Robust Harvest. Give or take. The correct range to base it off of would be 60 - 120 units of nutriment, but you know. Look at the reactions references up above and feed them accordingly.

"But how the hell do you know when a slime is nearly done being fed or about to grow up?!" There's many methods for this. But we'll focus on the main three.

  • Every baby default grey core slime starts at 10 HP. If you're unsure of what's happening, Inject 60 units of Diethylamine/Robust Harvest into them. If their health is still ten, clearly they aren't grown up. This means you can feed them more at the expense of breaking your slime. This method is also called 'Force Feeding' at least by me.
  • Inject however much nutriment, pull slime out, analyze, and it'll tell you how much it's growing up and its metabolism. This'll allow you to switch between force feeding (forcefully feeding it nutriment so it grows up) and just waiting for it to grow up on its own.
  • Genetically bombard it so it forcefully turns into an adult. I'm not explaining things with the genes. It'd indeed be way more fun if you figured out yerself! But if you really wanna know, I'm sure you'll find a way to contact me and bug me about it. If you even know who made this edit. Does it even say if I'm the one editing this or not? What have I done.

Now, let's say you did all this stuff right, and you still don't have an adult slime! Then here's some pointers and tips since we have a few bugs roaming about!

  • Always preform 'stability' tests. This means that if your slime isn't growing up after absurd amounts of nutriment, you should try injecting Unstable Mutagen into your slime. On the console, it'll say 'Instability' and a percentage. If injecting your slime with the Mutagens doesn't increase this number, your slime is bugged and worthless or if it's supposed to be in the game, simply not metabolizing anything and once again, worthless. How do I know this? After reading the code, I learned. Slimes can be mutated indefinitely. So I doubt this was supposed to be in the game. But you never know. Also. Mutagens don't identify until the computer has scanned once more. So hit inject two or three times. You should get exactly 4% from each unit of unstable mutagen. If you get anything less than this, your slime is slowly reaching its worthlessness.
  • Don't bother the admins, this isn't an emergency. Stay calm, and just see what's going on. What were you feeding it? Did you feed it too much, too quickly? If so, refer to the previous note. If not, then well. Move on to trying to fix this situation again! If your 'stability' test passes and it's getting mutagens into its system, it's clearly Analyze the slime. If it has a slow metabolism, it's probably just being a pansy and taking a while.. Leave it to be alone for a while. If it, however, says it's far away from growing up, it's worthless to you as for it is in a metabolism lock.
  • Still not working after this and it's growing on the charts?! Well. After this, there only comes one more thing to check. Inject Unstable Mutagens into it until it mutates again and preform the previous two steps. If these fail you at any point, your slime is bugged/worthless. Oh well! I'll look into this more!

Now, let's say you do have an adult slime! You didn't screw up! Hurray! But what now, senpai?! The answer is simple. We look over our options and take a course of action!

  • We have an adult. We don't need to do anymore work, really. We can just go drag it to the core extractor, and hope that we get lots of cores. The core granting range is immense, ranging from 1 - 20 cores per slime chopped up. When you get the cores, properly organize them, label them, and yeah!
  • So yeah. You don't like the color of that slime? Want it to be something better? Maybe want it to have some Chromatic Particles in there?! Mutate it until you get what you want. After that, you'll just have to do the first option anyhow.

Alright! Now you've got all these cores, what the hell do you do with them? You. Shove. Them. In. The. Grinder. And. Hope. You. Don't EMP. All. The. SYNTHS. But seriously. Put a core into the grinder and see what one gives. Whatever it gives, every one of that slime core you just got from your recent extraction will give this same amount. The main things you want from a core is Phoron, Mutation Toxins, and rare chemicals such as Carpotoxins! The more mutated a slime is, the more likely it is to have weirder chemicals.

(Alternatively, you can just scan the core to see what'll be in them so you don't potentially fuck yourself over. Seriously. This is yer job to know this. It even tells you the base variables/stats of the slime the core came from! This is easy for knowing if all your hard work is even worth something. Ya know?)

Seriously though. Here's how you do it. First you determine how many cores you should use and how many you should save for reproduction. To do this, always take one and grind it up and see what it gives. If it's not anything rare/useful/hard to make/special, don't bother with grinding anymore up. Write/Universal Record what it gives for better management. Now you have a hand labeler in the lab! This is where things get tricky.

Use the hand labeler and label every new slime core. If you want to group them up together, you should label all the cores you want to group together the same name! Now when you shove them into the storage machine, they'll be neat and separated! Now it won't bug up by you taking over all the variables of your other pure slime cores! Yay! Right? That's good... RIGHT? The point is.

You should keep proper management of each and every core. If you don't feel safe with putting them in the storage like most people, that's fine. Put them in a box, on the floor, somewhere else! Just you know! Organize them somehow! And never forget to label them! EVER. OR YOU WILL MAKE THE ENTIRE LAB INOPERABLE FOR THE ENTIRE SHIFT.

Now, from there, you should save at least one-third of the cores you get from extractions. Why? These cores have many uses. Grinding them up. Breaking down for genetic manipulation. Reproducing masses of that mutated slime core. So forth! You'll figure most of it out on your own!

After you're done fiddling with the cores, just go and repeat the process. Use one of the grey cores you stores away safely to start on a non-mutated strain of slimes, and a mutated core to start on a mutated strain of slimes. Now go. Be the best Xenobiologist you can, like no one ever was.

But wait, senpai! Before you go! What's happening with the monkey cubes? Why do we even have them?!

You can shove reagents into them. I know of a couple of reactions. Just shove things in there and see. As for a surefire reaction? Shove one unit of mutation toxins into it. Have fun.

"HRMMMMMMMMM! You said that it'd be more fun to figure out this suffering process of genetically modifying slimes! Why can't you just tell me?!"

Simple, person who may or may not be directly trying to complain at me for not teaching them their job. Because I'm not the one who made this wikia page. Someone else did. And know what they said? "I won't teach you because it'd be more fun to learn!" I won't be a jerk and have him saying that then me snooping in here and plastering such information on here!

That's rude. (Besides, you have my Ckey, just BYOND Message me or something. Seriously. Or ask me ICly. I'll teach you everything, young Voreling if you really want to know. Meanwhile, I'll work on a full detailed guide on how to do it to release to the public down below. I'll soon have pictures for both guides.)

--EmoxNeko (talk) 03:03, 8 June 2016 (EDT)

The Actual Process (EmoxNeko's Mistress Genetics Edition)

So you've got yerself some pretty slimes, right? Tired of just getting overpowered tons of Cyanide? Maybe tired of just getting Soropfic yet no one wants to let you use it for that 'Just right, nighty nighty, insert it tight' non-con sleep intercourse scene?!

Well. That's where this guide comes in. This guide will explain:

  • Why the fuck you have so much 'worthless' slime jelly!
  • Why the hell you can't figure out how to use that Destructive Analyzer whatchumacallit Biological Genetic Hiroshima Bombarder whatever the hell machines!
  • Why that newly made slime knows about the ERP you did hours ago on the Xenobio Lab floor!
  • Every possible thing you can get outta these slimes and how often you'll get them!
  • How to make your slimes invincible and untouchable by all means!
  • How to get so much cyanide, you can basically kill everyone.

With that, let's start it off! We'll get to learn about slime reactions first! Yep!

Now you can know the secrets to why the fuck you get all that slime jelly! AHAHAHAHA! No seriously. Let's get to it!

Basically, these reactions are the same as in Xenobio1, but can now be controlled and grow in effect based on how 'big' they are! You know what that meeeeans!

One slime core gives 5 slime jelly, and different mutated slimes give different chemicals. For example, some can give Mutation Toxins, but it mostly comes down to RNGesus, just like the old Xenobiology. Once you get a good slime that creates Phoron and Mutation Toxin, you can basically start to mass produce reactions like you used to be able to do in old Xenobiology when you got a specific slime (Ex: Dark purple slime.)

Let's show you the list of reactions, show we?! Reactions:

  • Slime Food Spawn: 10 phoron, 10 slime jelly, 10 nutriment

(Selects from all possible foods that you can have! You might get a Wizard Burger for all I know! RNGesus be with you.)

  • Slime Minerals: 20 phoron, 40 slime jelly, 20 aluminum

(Spawns all possible mine-able minerals. Screw you miner, we'll mass produce diamonds and such ourselves! For science!)

  • Slime Flashlight: 5 phoron 5 slimejelly 10 water

(Like using the Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Cranial Flashlight but shoved into a beaker and barely functions for long. Hence the low cost.)

  • Slime Phoron (10 phoron sheets): 20 phoron 20 uranium 20 slimejelly

(So you don't have to waste phoron to soldify phoron, but you can waste phoron to solidfy phoron.)

  • Slime Freeze: 10 phoron 10 coolant 10 slimejelly

(So you can be a jerk and make the entire bar cold to douse out your friends' sick roasting sessions.)

  • Slime Frost Oil: 5 water 5 coolant 5 slimjelly 5 phoron

(Not a fan of obviously freezing everyone? Drug their drinks.)

  • Slime Fire: 60 phoron 30 slimejelly 30 potassium

(Grief the server and I'll boop you myself. This is also a massive waste of Phoron unless you're a TR-8R. Dead serious. Don't abuse this. Seriously. I will toss a damn spoon through your damn organ cavities.)

  • Slime Advanced Mutation Toxins (Turns the injected victim into Promethean): 15 phoron 15 slimejelly 15 mutationtoxins
  • Slime heal (AOE heal effect. The Range for this is that it affects anyone who can see the beaker activating the reaction itself. This is included for people who hold them. Have fun, Medbay. ): 10 phoron 10 bicaridine 10 kelotane 10 inaprovaline 10 slimejelly
  • Slime Jelly: 20 phoron 50 sugar 50 lithium (Extremely high cost, will run the chem dispenser out quick, along with plasma. For the impatient Xenobiologist. Seriously not recommended. Like. Seriously. This is a stupid idea. Just steal/mass produce Robust Harvest!)
  • Slime Vore Mobs: 20 phoron 20 nutriment 20 sugar 20 mutation toxins

(I mean. Yeah. Get eaten. Don't get eaten. Whatever. Eat it, don't eat it. Whatever. Just. Please. Stop snek abuse.)

So yeah! I mean, yeah. Yay. Yeah! Now you may be wondering. "So we can do all this cool stuff, but what the hell is the point of Xenobio2? It's just Xenobio1 with less murder!!"

That's where yer wrong. We also have that Xenobotany feel to it now. We can alter Slime Genetics now! That's right! The loveable creatures can now be made into immortal, laser proof demonic spawns in which you've given birth to! I know, I know. Yer thinking: "What kinda things can we do with genetics?!" Well. Lemme list some things!

  • You can transfer memories from one slime to another. That way, you'll always have that slime mimicking you having sex with your lover.
  • You can control the biochemistry of yer slime. Useful for temporarily switching out all that hidden Cyanide for useful stuff. They'll never know that it was you all along.

What kinds of things can ya get, ye ask? That's pretty simple! Here's another list! (Go here for actual uses of most. You know, the place you should go to!

  • "Mutation Toxins", ( The fancy special slime-only produced mutation toxins! Ahahahaha! Ya know? No? Oh. Well. I'm sure you'll know eventually.)
  • "Psilocybin", (You know. That one drug that fucks you up. Used in Hippie's Delight? Really makes you wish things were less sexualized and peaceful around here?)
  • "Mindbreaker Toxins", (The one. The only! Mindbreaker Toxins! Illegal, gonna screw ya all up! All of that!)
  • "Impedrezene", (Dish...sumon...sey.....cum....?)
  • "Cryptobiolin", (For when you really wanna crash into the Head Of Security's Office. Literally.)
  • "space_drugs", (The underscore makes it more cooler than other drugs. Just like Watch_Dogs!)
  • "Chloral Hydrate", (I doubt you'd even ever use this. Pretty lethal. Why am I making a list of what things do? Back to being edgy.)
  • "stoxin", (What does the s mean?! SLEEPEEPLEEPEPEPESLEEEEEEEEPPPP.)
  • "Unstable Mutagen", (Sometimes. It just needs to be bigger, better, faster, stronger, longer, harder.)
  • "Lexorin", (Slimes can produce this. So can that machine behind you.)
  • "Poly Acid", (Not to be confused with the dank memes the old parrots would spew at you to roast you.)
  • "Cyanide", (At the rate this is going, you could be selling Cyanide Producing slimes to the entire damned Syndicate! If only they actually cared for us.)
  • "Phoron", (Did someone say... "PRODUCING PHORON?" "Better just lay the Exterminatus on anyone who tries to steal this stuff here...")
  • "Plasticide", (Not to be confused with Spermicide.)
  • "Amatoxin", (This sounds like a fun time...but it isn't. Trust me.)
  • "Carbon", (Give the janitor a job. Spray everywhere with dirt.)
  • "Radium", ( For when the dispenser goes empty and you wanna still homebrew all that crappy makeshift Nuka-Cola.)
  • "Sulfuric Acid", (Not to be confused with Sulfur combined with Poly Acid.)
  • "Sugar", (Not to be confused with having a relation to Chemical X.)
  • "Kelotane", (Who uses this nerdy stuff anyway? Prometheans who get burned?)
  • "Dermaline", ( But wait...what's this? Dermaline?! What good can that do us?! We already have Tricord! We don't need this! But this is the drug you never asked for.)
  • "anti_toxin", (Clearly better than Dylovene because of the underscore. Clearly.)
  • "Dexalin", (Hey! How does this work? Put into a pill? Swallow it? Somehow have oxygen burst into your lungs so you can survive the colds of space without blowing up yer lung so long as you regulate taking the pill?!)
  • "Synaptizine", (I've only seen two people in existence use this. I'm one of them. Maybe now you'll use it too!)
  • "Alkysine", (Not to be confused with Imidazoline.)
  • "Imidazoline", (Not to be confused with trying to get sperm out of your eyes.)
  • "Peridaxon", (This is not surgery in a damn slime... Is it?!)
  • "Rezadone", (The drug we'll never need anymore due to random events and the genetics lab being removed.)
  • "Advanced Mutation Toxins", (Like Mutation Toxins, but advanced! Oooooo!)
  • "Docility Toxins" (For when you want to lewd it up with an NPC Slime.)
  • "Inaprovaline" (This usually fixes things. Usually. By that, I mean spawning inside a slime and instantly making something else out of it.)
  • "Bicaridine" (Good for not wasting the dispenser to get that Overpowered Slime Heal.)
  • "Dylovene" (Clearly this is good for when you somehow get toxins in you.)
  • "Dexalin Plus" (Never need oxygen again.)
  • "Tricordrazine" (Now you can get that one drink from the bar without needing to use the loadouts or robbing the chem labs!)
  • "Cryoxadone" (Why use this when you could get something better?! Phoron is why.)
  • "Clonexadone" (Ya might land a few scenes if you get this early for the medbay.)
  • "Paracetamol" (Using this means you're doing your job properly as a Psychologist. Good job trying to use painkillers to rid of the pain.)
  • "Tramadol" (WARNING: Does not cure PTSD or Sexual trauma. Will reduce pain from recent entries.)
  • "Oxycodone" (For when you're the Captain and plan on AutoHotkey killing all those baddies.)
  • "Ryetalyn" (For when the Cryo Lab accidentally allows you to see and hear all the scenes on station.)
  • "Ethylredoxrazine" (I've always wanted to get wet.)
  • "Hyronalin" (For when the Supermatter or RUST Engine somehow blows up.)
  • "Arithrazine" (For when the Supermatter or RUST Engine REALLY blows up.)
  • "Spaceacillin" (For when Virology lets out all the viruses.)
  • "Sterilizine" (The thing no one ever uses because of Peridaxon or whatever.)
  • "Leporazine" (Improvised stuff dealing with how much that Tajaran is in heat.)
  • "Methylphenidate" (Really doing yer job well, Psychologist.)
  • "Citalopram" (Like. I'm not kidding. You really are.)
  • "Paroxetine" (No. Seriously. Yer promoting character developing RP. Good job.)
  • "Macrocillin" (For when that RD won't give you a shrink ray and you refuse to use the change size button.)
  • "Microcillin" (For when you want to just belong somewhere no one should ever belong.)
  • "Normalcillin" (For when you never asked for it.)
  • "Sizeoxadone" (What is this..some kinda...redspace drink or something?)
  • "Ickypak" (When they accidentally get stuck inside.)
  • "Unsorbitol" (For when you really wanna get a big mess over ya.)
  • "Toxin" (Well. Uhh. Drink, anyone?)
  • "Carpotoxin" (I-It's not like I wanna gnash you or anything! A-Ahou...)
  • "potassium_chloride" (It has an underscore. Must be healthy.)
  • "potassium_chlorophoride" (This too, has an underscore. Must be good for ya.)
  • "Zombie Powder" (For all you weird pseudo-necrophilia freaks. Or for you people who like to make everyone panic so that someone can prove their love for you.)
  • "fertilizer" (Diethylamine, I think? No? Probably something else.)
  • "eznutrient" (EZ-PZ-Lemon Squeezy, Cheeki Breeki BB)
  • "Left 4 Zed" (Not to be mistaken for Coach screaming at Nick all the damn time.)
  • "Robust Harvest" (Not to be mistaken for the entire Zulu Team.)
  • "Plant B Gone" (For when ripping it a new one isn't enough.)
  • "Serotrotium" (Yer gonna have a bad time.)
  • "Nicotine" (Now you can properly make drugs!)
  • "Uranium" (Cola. Cola never changes.)
  • "Silver" (You know. This is pretty worthless without a way to condense it.)
  • "Gold" (Seriously. Stop giving us this stuff. We don't need iiiit.)
  • "Adrenaline" (For when you need to outrun those hunters.)
  • "Holy Water" (WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY ON THIS BLESSED DAY SO THAT YE MAY WITNESS THE BIRTH OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, SCIENCE MOTHERFUCKER. Seriously though. Chaplains would love you for this even though it barely does anything besides make those Redspace beings cringe.)
  • "Ammonia" (Even you put this to yer nose as a child.)
  • "Diethylamine" (Gardeners will have tons of this before you even get one unit of it. Unless you use that dispenser behind you.)
  • "Fluorosurfactant" (This is a complicated word that means absolutely nothing to you. Janitors, maybe.)
  • "foaming_agent" (Wait. If I can change what chemical does what and how much it affects whatever... Heh, and it has an underscore!)
  • "Thermite" (For when no one has yet to steal the Captain's Spare ID.)
  • "Cleaner" (For spraying down Tajarans. As well as sperm and that mutagen you accidentally spilled.)
  • "Lube" (Why put this on my privates when I can lather the entire hallway with it?!)
  • "Silicate" (This is a thing. Yes. It always will be.)
  • "Glycerol" (I forgot what this was. Sounds explosive.)
  • "Coolant" (If the slimes get all the right chemicals in a core, grinding that core with this in it will freeze you solid.)
  • "Luminol" (Detectives! Get tah work.)
  • "Nutriment" (For when you have nothing else to live for.)
  • "Corn Oil" (I don't have much to say about this.)
  • "lipozine" (M-My ass isn't that it?)
  • "Sodium Chloride" (I bet you feel rather... Salty.)
  • "Frost Oil" (You feel your sins weighing down on your neck.)
  • "Capsaicin" (Improvised Blindfolds.)
  • "Condensed Capsaicin" (Improvised blindfolds. Now with extra condense-fullness.)
  • "Neurotoxin" (Fly me to the moon...let me..bend over in the bar....)

When you scan a core, there's always a 100% chance to get atleast 2 units of any of the above. After that, you have a 75% chance to get another one of these options, with 1 to 5 units spawning in per core. After that, you'll have a 50% chance to get another one of these options with 1 - 5 units spawning in, and then another chance at another one, 25% chance, 1 - 5 units spawning in. You will always get 5 slime jelly per core! Always. If one additional chance proc fails, you won't get the chances after them.

  • You can control the Bioluminescence of a slime. Useful for having a pet flashlight that isn't in yer brain or being forced out of a beaker nor runs on batteries.
  • You can control their internal processing system! This can potentially be the greatest thing ever. Using this to homebrew non-lethal Mindbreaker Toxins that heal you for a long ass time is good.
  • You can control how much ERP this guy here gets to actually process in that brain of his so he can later mimic it and laugh at your bad skills. (As in, how often and if he can even process what yer saying to him so he can alter mimic it.)
  • You can control its health as well as their damage ranges.
  • You can control if they get to die from the cold, the warmth, from any type of damage that isn't a laser, or none of this stuff!
  • You get to manipulate chromatic particles. Wew. Such particle. Much wow. Or you get to make the damned slime hostile and fail at life and make an army that'll also kill you.
  • You can control how much this little guy talks about your crappy ERP skills or if he even can! (As in. How much he talks about how much he processed things and if he even can at all.)
  • You can control its speed. Need I say more? Gotta. Go. FAST.

See? Wasn't that fun?! Now. I listed off all this boring, irrelevant stuff, but that doesn't answer HOW you do this stuff! Well, let me explain, shall I?

First off, you'll need a core. Preferably mutated. And you'll need a whole lotta patience and careful looking. First, what you have to do is grab that core, and get down to the chem dispenser in the lab. Below this dispenser there's something called the biological product destructive analyzer! Now. All ya gotta do is shove the core in there and then to the left, on the table, they'll be some data disks! Shove one in there and you're ready to get to work! Here's the specific step-by-step process from there!

  • After the core is in and the disk is in, you'll need to process the genome, which will DESTROY the core, but will give you nine genomes in which you can extract.
  • After you have the list of extractable genes, you should extract two to three. The Gene Decay will increase each time you extract one, and when it reaches one-hundred percent, the core is unusable and you'll have to shove another one in there!
  • One disk is used per gene extracted! So make them count. I don't think you can really get any more disks! But yeah. After you have a disk with a gene loaded onto it, step over to the Hiroshima Genetic Radiation Bombarder, which looks like a damned cellular cancer tube from DOOM 2.
  • Shove the disk into the cancer tube or bombarder or whatever have you call it. From there, shove any type of slime, as long as it's non modified into the bombarder and not from the same type of core you used to extract the genes. Analyze it before shoving it into the bombarder and print the report.
  • From there, modify it once, and check to see what's different from the previously analyzed settings. If nothing has chnaged, do it once more, and check then. Do this repeatedly until gene decay disallows further modification or something changes. Gene decay in this case is for slimes only. So feel free to use multiple slimes to check for differences.
  • Finally, when something has changed, make note of the gene number and what changed, and you have yer job done there. You now know what that gene type does! Congrats!
  • Now that yer done, repeat the steps for the other genes and discover what they all do so you know how to transfer memories and biochemistry!

See? Now ya know genetics! Hurray! From there, I can only teach you about the almighty Prometheans themselves! --EmoxNeko (talk) 20:51, 8 June 2016 (EDT)

The Actual Process (EmoxNeko's Loli Promethean Knowledge Edition)

Now it's come to this. You have that slimy monkey cube and you wanna know what comes from it? A damned Promethean does! What's so special about Prometheans? Simple! This is the list of cool stuff for it!


  • Stepping on shards and such won't affect us!
  • We can't slip!
  • Glomping in place of hugs!
  • Immune to being stunned unless with Xeno Taser Guns Or Slimebatons!
  • Have a reduced chance for flashbangs making us deafened as well as stunned by them!
  • We are completely immune to being electrocuted! This allows us to hack everything with no consequences!
  • We can store electrical charges and then electrocute people! (Currently bugged. Don't even try it.)
  • Any toxins damage we get, we naturally regenerate!
  • We regenerate every damage type about one hundred percent faster than the average human!
  • We regenerate our internal organs! (Even though we have none!)
  • We can't get internal bleeding!
  • We can regenerate limbs! Cut them off, we'll grow them back!
  • We don't need oxygen! All damage dealt by losing it is worthless! Air related viruses don't affect us!
  • We don't have any circulatory system! Blood related viruses and such kinda don't harm us!
  • We have no organs! We can only get sick by admins and bugs!
  • Unarmed attacks replaced with noms! (Might possibly inject active reagents into the target it hits.)
  • When moving, if you preform an unarmed nom attack within 2 IC seconds of moving, you'll get a 65% increased chance to knock down a target!
  • We can manipulate our body color, species type, hair type, and gender mid-round! We don't actually get the stats for said species type however.
  • Healing items have 25% increased effectiveness!
  • We don't have DNA! Genetic fuckery can't harm us! Nor can DNA Related Damage! (Much.)
  • Our metabolism has a higher chance of starting fast!
  • We are slightly more resistant (5%) to radiation giving us toxins damage and can't be mutated by radiation or most other means!
  • We're very pain resistant!
  • Lewd slime stuff!
  • 20% Extra Health!
  • We're immune to phoron-related damage! Breathing it in also does nothing.
  • We take 50% of all brute damage rather than 100%!
  • We're the best janitors! We can clean things up with our bare feet!
  • When our limbs blow up, our gibs have a chance to hit anyone within one tile of us and send them staggering back with some decent damage! Neat defense mechanisms!
  • We're robust. Our limbs only take two seconds to regenerate (per limb)!
  • We're even more robust. Our limbs get stronger and stronger the more they regenerate albeit temporarily.
  • When we're irradiated. We glow. In the color of our slime. Bright Lights, Colored Lewds.

Exact Promethean Stats (As to my knowledge.) Health: 120 (Base being 100.) Damage Resistances: 50% Brute Damage Weaknesses: 200% Burn Special Effects:

  • Gib upon death, near impossible to revive unless ya know what yer doing or the person with yer core knows what they're doing.
  • Exact regeneration of damage is .2 damage per tick for all damage types! (Above Damage Regen Cap)
  • Regeneration is .4 damage per tick for all damage types below the damage regen cap.
  • Other stuff I'll list later.


  • Apparently, we still can't push people unless they're smaller than us or other of our kind!
  • We take increased burn damage! 200% rather than 100%!
  • We can't really wear underwear or socks or undershirts!
  • We don't have DNA! We can't be cloned by normal means nor can we be scanned!
  • We will probably gib and explode when we die! It's near impossible to revive us if we die if someone steals our core or our core loses its spark of life!
  • All chemicals that don't affect damage values (or all chemical portions that don't affect damage values) are seemingly more effective on us! This is a bad thing because we can drink small amounts of vodka and would be more drunk than drinking sixty units in two seconds! Sometimes, at least. Basically. Alcohol will screw you up at times.
  • You have a severely reduced disarming chance! (Unless disarming another Promethean.)
  • Most of the time, you can't strip people unless you have them reinforced with a grab compared to just being able to do it. I think this is regular though and not subjected to us.
  • Everyone wants to eat you because you taste good and would make their bodily fluids more sticky and potent.
  • We're made of slime. We cannot push people down. We can force them to the ground though.
  • When our limbs blow up, we have a three second period in which we are in an immensely weak state until our limbs proc the regen. Simply put, losing a limb puts you in sudden death for three seconds.

So yeah! I mean, look at that! --EmoxNeko (talk) 01:36, 10 June 2016 (EDT)