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There are a wide variety of interactions on VORE station that are dependant on a characters size. Given the theme of this server, many of these interactions facilitate vore and macro/micro gameplay.


A character can have their scale defined in the VORE section of the character set-up menu. Here you will be able to select a scale between 25% and 200%. This will directly affect the size of your character's sprite, with 100% being the height of a single tile.

You may notice that as you scale your character, that the pixels do not line up quite as well as they might have at 100%. This is a common issue to solve when getting your sprite to look 'just right'. You may want to change your height in increments of 1%, or even start changing decimal places, until the pixels align in a satisfying way. You also have the option to switch between sharp and fuzzy scaling. Sharp scaling will allow all the pixels to be perfectly visible, whilst fuzzy will blur the sprite to lose some of that definition. Play around with what suits your character best.

Despite what you set your scale to, you are free to describe in your flavour text what exact height your character might be. As per the Rules, the minimum height of a character is 3 inches tall, and the maximum height is 20ft tall.

Character Size Differences

In Virgo, 6 inch tall people will be working alongside 18 foot tall colleagues. Whilst they're all equally capable of doing their jobs, they do need to keep an eye out for one another. Those small people are particularly vulnerable to being picked up and stepped on! In most situations, a character that is 50 scale larger or smaller than another one is eligible for size interactions, but two traits (heavy and light frame) can be used to make yourself qualify as larger or smaller for the purpose of these interactions.

Pick Up Interactions

A larger character can pick up a smaller one by clicking on them with an empty hand. That's it, easy as that! This can be disabled by disabling the "Pick Up Mechanics" preference in game.

A smaller character can escape the hand of a larger one simply by resisting.

You can do a few fun things with a small character that you've picked up:

  • Eat them. Duh. Simply click on your own sprite with them in your hand, and they'll go straight into your belly!
  • Put them in your pockets and in other containers.
  • Wear them as a hat.
  • Throw them into another person, where if they both have Throw Vore enabled, one of them will end up being eaten!
  • Undress/Dress them like a doll. Much like removing anyone elses equipment, drag from their sprite in your equipment onto your own character's sprite, and the equipment screen will open.

Do not place a picked up person into a disposal bin. This WILL kill them when they're launched through the pneumatic tubes, and could get you into trouble both IC and OOC.

Step Mechanics

This server has a system called step mechanics, these will only come into place when both character's have their Step Mechanics preference enabled. These are activated by a larger character stepping onto a tile that contains a much smaller character, and the interaction that happens depends on whether the larger character's active intent:

  • Help intent: The larger character will step over the smaller one carefully and avoid touching them in any way. For this reason, it's advised that if you have step mechanics enabled, you stay on the help intent when running around the station.
  • Disarm intent: The larger character will knock over the smaller one, but will not injure them.
  • Grab intent: The larger character will either knock over the smaller one harmlessly, or if they are not currently wearing any shoes, the larger character will pick up the smaller one into their feet equipment slot!
  • Harm intent: The larger character will brutally step on the smaller one! This will deal some serious damage to the smaller character, potentially even breaking bones. Accidents happen, but try to avoid them. However, if you are stepping on someone on purpose with the harm intent, make sure they're okay with that OOC first! Crushing micro's under your feet when they're not into that is considered griefing.


  • The amount of nutrition gained from digestion is dependant on the size difference between characters. A micro will give less nutrition to a macro than the other way around. These can be further modified by taking certain vore and diet related traits.
  • The Step and Pick-up mechanics can be fine-tuned using the Light Frame and Heavy Frame traits, make you able to be picked up as if you were 15% smaller/larger respectively. Do note, while this affects a lot of size interactions, it is not universal - if you think there might be an oversight: let us know on #General-Feedback or #Dev-Suggestions!


There are a number of ways by which you can resize your character in-game. Take note that the vore panel has an option to "Save Scale" and if this is enabled, you will start the next shift at the scale that you ended at in the last shift.

Here are some of the common ways by which you can resize:

  • NIFSoft: There is a NIFSoft that you can purchase from NIFSoft vendors that will allow you to change your scale at will. There is a similar function available for borgs that can be installed as an upgrade by the Roboticist.
  • Size Gun: Size guns (and a gradual size gun variant) can be made by science, or found in trash piles. These guns can be used to change the size of whoever they target, shrinking and growing them as desired.
  • Bluespace Jumpsuit: The bluespace jumpsuit that can be made by science, or found in trash piles, allows the wearer to change their scale to whatever they desire.
  • Size Control Implant: This is an implant that you can install in another person to give you control over their scale. Alternatively, you can install it in yourself and give everyone else control over your scale.
  • Size Standardization Bracelet: A bracelt that can be chosen in the loadout. When worn, it forces you to 100% scale. When removed, you immediately return to your normal scale.
  • Belly Modes: There are a number of belly modes that can change the size of your prey. The grow/shrink modes will do exactly that to your prey. The Size Steal belly mode will shrink your prey whilst increasing your own scale.
  • Prometheans and Proteans: These species have the innate ability to change their scale at will.
  • Drugs: Able to be produced by chemistry, there are a few drugs that will change their hosts scale:
    • Macrocillin: Will increase your size.
    • Microcillin: Will reduce your size.
    • Normalcillin: Will return your scale to 100%.

Note that all of these abilities are limited to scales between 25% and 200% when outside of a dorm. Those limits are changed to 1% and 600% whilst inside of a dorm.

Micro Interact

Mouse Holes

There are a number of mouse holes hidden around the station, that characters with a scale of 50% or smaller can crawl inside of. They can use these mouse holes to tunnel through to other holes around the station, but it does take some time. Characters that are too large to fit inside of a mouse hole can still interact with one. Specifically they can reach a hand inside and pull out a micro that is hiding in there!

Micro's aren't the only thing that can fit inside of a mouse hole, however. The following creatures can join you:

  • Mice (Shocking, I know!)
  • Catslugs
  • Morphs
  • Protean blobs
  • Slimes (which promethean slimes are a subtype of)

Small Block Buildings

Live out your lego fantasy and live inside a doll size house! Micro's can use the micro interact verb to enter these toy buildings, move between them and search them!

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