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all different forms of thalers ranging from 1 to 1000
  • Represented by the symbol .
  • The Thaler is the core currency of the frontier
  • Thalers can be exchanged both digitally and physically - similar to traditional currency
  • It is an actual currency and can be traded outside of the periphery.

Brief History

Soon after Phoron was discovered and true interstellar expansion began, several mega-corporations decided to introduce a new form of currency known as the Thaler. The Thaler, named after a large ounce-sized silver coin minted by the Holy Roman Empire, became the gold standard for interstellar exchange. Transit companies and government authorities alike adopted it to use as a measure of expenses when referring to travel within bluespace. In theory, one Thaler represents one second of flight in bluespace and thus became increasingly more valuable in places where bluespace was frequently used. The currency is precious in places like the frontier - however - its value depreciates as you travel closer to the core worlds, and as a result, should be exchanged into a more conventional form of currency.

Some have come to question the utility of defining thaler by bluespace travel time - after all, the exact formula is unknown to all but the upper echelons of TSCs and Commonwealth politicans - but such murmurs are often discarded as jealous agitation by Exile-Martians. Nebulous or not, it seems to correspond to being able to afford an annual round-trip to Commonwealth heartlands and back to Virgo-Erigone by savvy blue-collar workers (like Cargo Technicians) who had no other pressing expenses that solar year.


Your Bank Account

Every character that arrives on the station is provided with a bank account containing a number of funds that depends on your characters economic status and their job. You can access this money at any time by finding an ATM on the wall and popping in your ID card. By default, simply putting your ID card into the machine is enough to give you access to withdrawing and depositing money, but you can also set up a PIN number to protect it from anyone that might burp up somehow obtain your card.

To obtain your bank account number and PIN, you must check the "notes" verb by either finding it in the upper-right verb list or simply typing it into your command bar on the bottom.

The amount of money that you start with is a random amount based on the following equation:

Starting money = (Random amount between 30 and 80, weighted towards the middle) * (Occupation) * (Economic Status) * 10

As a consequence of this, a doctor with an average economic status would receive an average of 2,750 Thaler per shift. A wealthy captain would on average start with 14,300!

Heads of staff also have access to departmental accounts with funds to spend on that department. The number and pin required to access them is also found under the "notes" verb. Please be aware: do NOT put your I.D into the ATM while doing this!


The amount of funds that you start with on a shift depends on your job:

Economic Status

Your economic status chosen in character set-up also affects the amount of money that you start with, these apply the following modifiers. Keep in mind that money isn't vital to get ahead mechanically in game, it's an RP environment and you should choose a level that actually suits your character.

  • Wealthy = 1.3
  • Well-off = 1.15
  • Average = 1
  • Underpaid = 0.75
  • Poor = 0.5
  • Broke = 0

Spending Money

There are a few things that might be able to spend your money on, but they're generally not essential. These include:

  • Clothes and equipment from vending machines.
  • Food from vending machines.
  • NIFsofts from NIFsoft vendors.
  • Many service roles, such as bartender, cargo and chefs can charge for their services. You're merely lucky that they're usually happy to make them free.
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