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The vore panel displays a list of the bellies you've created on your character, allows you to save them, and also set up any preferences you might need (such as being indigestible if you have a strong preference against being digested). For a more general overview of how vore works on this server, go to the Guide to Vore.

An example of the vore panel.


Bellies can be created and deleted on this panel (though only deleted if they are empty). You can also view the contents of the bellies, release individual people and items, and customize various settings about each belly. Bellies are an important mechanical representation of vore RP on this server, and it is important to put a bit of effort into making them look good! People appreciate a well set up belly, after all, they're hoping to spend some time there, and it is to your benefit to spend some time making it look just right.


Belly Modes

There are various belly modes that you can choose from, which are each listed below.

  • Hold: This is the default belly mode for every belly. No action is taken on the items inside... they are simply held onto. This also protects those inside from hazards outside, such as space.
  • Digest: This begins digesting the prey. They suffer damage over time and will eventually die, at which point they'll be removed from the belly and leave behind any indigestible items. You'll also gain nutrition/energy depending on belly settings and prey traits. The damage values can also be adjusted to fit whatever digestion speed is desired.
  • Heal: This mode slowly heals the prey inside. Keep in mind that this only heals brute and burn damage, only to external organs. It cannot heal toxin or suffocation damage, and will not prevent infections or diseases, nor heal internal organs. It's a good hold-over when taking someone to medical to keep them alive in the meantime, but it does consume some of your nutrition/energy.
  • Absorb: Absorbing someone merges them into the flesh of the belly itself. Their name changes to purple once you have finished absorbing them, and people in the belly can no longer see them (unless they, too, are absorbed). Releasing 'All' the contents of a belly does not release absorbed people. Reagents are shared with absorbed people! Get your absorbed people drunk etc.
  • Drain: This mode slowly removes the nutrients from your prey and adds it to your own body. This effect will never kill your prey, or otherwise harm them, aside from making them hungry.
  • Selective: This belly mode changes depending on the preferences of the predator and the prey, and can act as Digest, Absorb and Drain modes. Specifically, the mode that is used depends on what the prey and predator have chosen in their "Selective Mode Preference" first. The mode that is chosen goes in the following order: First, it checks if the prey has a chosen a mode other than default in their selective mode preference, and will attempt to use that mode. Second, if the prey is set to default, it will check if the predator has a chosen a mode other than default in their selective mode preference, and will attempt to use that mode. If either of these are unsuccessful due to conflicts with either predator's or prey's other preferences, it will switch to Drain. Third, if both predator and prey are set to default, the mode will attempt the following in this order: Digest > Absorb > Drain. If the mode conflicts with either character's preferences, it will move on to the next.
  • Unabsorb: This mode simply releases absorbed prey back into your belly.
  • Shrink and Grow: These options, respectively, reduce or increase the scale of your prey inside of the belly.
  • Size Steal: Decreases the scale of your prey, whilst increasing the scale of your own character.
  • Encase In Egg: Places your prey inside of an egg (determined by the egg type option in the vore panel), which they will remain within once you expel them from your bellies. They can generally easily break out of an egg.

Mode Add-ons

In addition to Belly Modes, there are a number of Mode Add Ons that you can add to each of your bellies.

  • Numbing: Prevents your prey from receiving messages about pain when they are being digested.
  • Stripping: Removes all of your preys equipment and deposits into your belly alongside them.
  • Leave Remains: If your prey enables leaving remains as a preference, then when they are digested, this option will cause various bones to be left in your belly. Remains of vore can be deleted in hand by clicking it on harm intent, this will protect people who are upset by seeing bones from running into them accidentally.
  • Muffles: Forces all of your prey's say and me commands to become whisper and subtle commands, respectively. This is a common option for any interior belly.
  • Affect Worn Items: If your belly is set to contaminate in the "Options" tab, your belly will apply goo to all of your prey's worn equipment.
  • Jams Sensors: Prevents the prey's location and health from being reported to medical health scanners, even if the prey is still wearing a uniform with sensors enabled.
  • Complete Absorb: Allows the use of the psay and pme commands for the predator and prey, allowing them to communicate in the predators mind, with no chance of anyone else witnessing it by being too close.

Item Modes

Finally, there are a few ways that your belly can interact with items that are inside of it.

  • Hold: This option simply holds any items safely inside of your belly.
  • Digest: This option will digest almost all items, no matter how unreasonable it might be. There are a few items that are immune to this effect, such as PDA's, ID cards and positronic brains.
  • Digest (food only): This option will digest any items that are considered to be food, but leave any other items safe inside your belly.

Delete Belly

This option does exactly as it says, and deletes that belly from your character. There is no way to get this back, so be absolutely certain that you want to press this button when you do so! In addition, be aware that you can not delete a belly with any people or items contained inside of it, and you can not delete your "default" belly. The default belly is usually the one that is automatically generated as a "stomach" belly when you make your character, this ensures that you always have at least one belly.


Each Belly has a number of decriptions that you can set, these vary from things that are shown to the prey, things that are shown to the predator, or even things that are shown to other people who might be nearby or examining the predator.

  • Description: This piece of text is used to describe the belly reasonably thoroughly. This piece of description is shown to a prey character in their text window when they are placed into a belly, and when they open their vore panel to look at the belly that they are inside. As an example for a stomach, a few popular topics to describe here include the how the belly feels to touch, the sounds that the person inside might hear (eg, a heartbeat) and the environment itself (such as uncomfortably hot, or caring and pleasant).
  • Description (absorbed): This piece of text replaces the description above when a prey character is absorbed into the belly, using the absorb belly mode. It is common for people to describe how a character might physically feel to be melded into another body part, how much control they still have, and what the body part now looks like.
  • Vore Verb: This verb is what will be used to describe a character being put into a belly. It should be a plain verb, which would fit in the following sentence: "The predator is attempting to (verb) the prey into their belly."
  • Examine messages: These are short messages, usually one or two sentences, that other characters will see when they examine your character that has a belly either containing a person, or has absorbed a person into it. Usually people leave a little to the imagination of the examiner, describing their belly as looking full, without explicitly saying what is inside of it. However, you may have transparent bellies, or bellies that are actually holding someone visibly, in which case you can use %prey to also display the names of your prey to examiners. Using multiple lines seperated by an empty line will allow viewers to see one of multiple potential messages when they examine you.
  • struggle messages: These are messages that are displayed when a prey uses the "resist" command inside of a belly. This is split into four categories, either full bellies or bellies with absorbed people in them, and for the inside and outside. The inside messages are the messages that will be displayed to prey inside of your belly when they struggle, such as how the body reacts to their fight. The outside messages are the messages that other players will see pop up when someone near them has a prey struggling inside of them, such as how the belly is stretching or moving. Using multiple lines seperated by an empty line will allow people to see one of multiple randomly selected messages when a prey struggles.
  • Bellymode messages: These are messages that are displayed when an "event" happens in your belly, such as a prey finally being digested, absorbed or unabsorbed. These are split into what message the predator sees, such as feeling the prey finally melt away, and what the prey sees, such as finally being churned up.
  • Idle messages: These are messages that will be displayed to your prey at regular intervals, providing you have idle messages turned on in the options tab. The messages here can be changed for every belly mode. Using multiple lines seperated by an empty line will allow people to see one of multiple randomly selected messages every time an idle message is displayed.
  • Reset messages: This button will reset all of the above messages, deleting all of your hard work and converting them back to the default messages a belly starts with. Don't press it unless you want to do that!


This tab, much like the controls tab, allows you to change what effects are applied to prey inside of a belly. These range from the damage that digestion does to prey, to details such as the contamination that coats items inside of the belly.

  • Can Taste: This option allows you to toggle whether that belly is able to taste the prey, and gives a message about how they taste to the predator. Generally used for mouths.
  • Contaminates: This options allows you to toggle whether you belly will coat any items inside of it in goop! However, please be considerate as to where you leave gooped up items, as that's not something everyone is comfortable with.
  • Nutrition Gain: This determines how much hunger is satisfied by digesting or draining prey in your belly. This can be useful if you want the game to avoid displaying messages about you having a pudgy belly after eating a fellow crew member.
  • Required Examine Size: This option determines what scale the prey inside your belly must be to show "examine messages" when you are examined by other players.
  • Display Absorbed Examines: This toggle allows you to disable examine messages from being displayed on your character when you are examined with prey absorbed into the belly.
  • Toggle Vore Privacy: This toggle allows you to set how visible the messages are when you ingest or expel another characters into/from your bellies. Default follows whatever your Global Vore Privacy preference is set to. Loud keeps the behaviour of making it visible to anyone in range. Subtle reduces the range of them to only people immediately next to you.
  • Save Digest Mode: This toggle is used to decide whether the digest mode of your belly is saved between shifts. If it is turned off, your belly will be set to "Hold" when you spawn.
  • Idle Emotes: This toggle allows you to choose whether or not to display the idle messages in the descriptions tab to your prey.
  • Idle Emote Delay: This is the time, in seconds, between idle messages being displayed to your prey.
  • Digest Brute/Burn/Suffocation/Toxin/Clone Damage: These values are the amounts of damage of each type applied to your prey, every tick, whilst your belly mode is set to digest. The maximum damage of each of these is 6 Brute, 6 Burn, 12 Suffocation, 6 toxin and 6 clone. Once your prey has died from this damage, they will be fully digested. Having the damage set to 6/6/12/6/6 will kill your prey extremely quickly, whilst setting them to something like 0.5/0.5/0/0/0 will keep them alive for a good 15-30 minutes. Note on clone damage specifically, this is genetic damage to your prey, essentially damaging their DNA, which does not physically injure them. Please be considerate about using clone damage on your prey if you are intending to release them, as it can take medical a long time to heal this damage. You can heal clone damage using the heal belly mode.
  • Shrink/Grow Size: This value is the percentage size that your prey will shrink or grow to when you use the Shrink or Grow belly modes.
  • Egg Type: This is the appearance of the egg that your prey will be placed inside when you activate the "Encase in Egg" belly mode, there are a number of themed options here that are not necessarily eggs.
  • Selective Mode Preference: This determines your preferred choice of belly behaviour when the belly mode is set to "Selective".

Dogborg Controls

These options are only visible when the user is currently playing as a dogborg (this currently includes hounds, raptors and drakes), and govern when the full belly sprites for the borgs are shown.

  • Toggle Belly Overlay Mode: Allows you to choose whether your vore belly sprite is displayed when prey is in your vorepanel bellies or the borg sleeper module.
  • Minimum Prey for Vorebelly: Allows you to set the number of objects or prey inside of a belly to have the sprite show, this does not account for the size of the prey.
  • Minimum Size for Overlay: Allows you to set the minimum size a prey must be to cause a vore belly to appear, these do not add up and at least one prey must be this size.
  • Toggle Prey Override: Allows you to ignore the minimum size requirement for prey to show the belly, provided that the minimum prey override value is reached.
  • Minimum Prey Override: Allows you to set the minimum number of prey required to trigger the Prey Override setting if it is turned on.


This tab allows a player to tweak what sounds their bellies make, as well as the noises that are generated by putting prey in, or taking them out of, a belly.

  • Fleshy Belly: This option determines the sounds that your belly will make when someone struggles inside of it. If it's turned on, the struggle sounds will be wet and squelchy, if it's turned off, they'll sound more like rustling cloth.
  • Internal Loop: This determjnes whether the prey inside of your belly will hear the constant loop of bodily function sounds. Such a wet squelches, groans and gurgles. This would normally be turned on for a belly like an organic stomach, but off for something like cleavage or holding someone in your arms.
  • Use Fancy Sounds: Switching to fancy sounds offers a different set of audio files to choose for your vore and release sounds, often considered to be of higher quality.
  • Vore Sounds: This option allows you to choose the sounds that will be played when a character is moved into this belly. There is a little play button for you to test out the sounds, so that you can find the right one to suit you.
  • Release Sounds: This option allows you to choose the sounds that will be played when a character is expelled from this belly. There is a little play button for you to test out the sounds, so that you can find the right one to suit you.


The visuals tab allows you to set what image overlay is shown to prey when they are inside of your belly.

  • Belly Fullscreens Preview and Coloring: These options allow you to recolour specific bellies and test to see what your belly looks like for your prey. Pressing "Select Colour" will let you set the colour for greyscale bellies, but this will only become active if you have turned "Enable Coloration" on. Enabling coloration also changes the selection of available bellies, removing any that are already coloured and adding a few extra animated greyscale bellies. Additionally, you can press "Preview" to have the belly flash up on your screen for a few seconds, so that you can see how it looks. If for some reason, you need to remove this immediately, or it gets stuck on, you can clear the preview with the "Clear" button.
  • Disable Prey HUD: This setting, when active, will hide the prey's HUD when they are inside of the belly. This will prevent them for accessing their equipment, seeing their health and pressing most buttons. However, prey can get around this by disabling Vore FX in their preferences and pressing F12 to restore their HUD.
  • Belly Fullscreens: This section allows you to choose from an overlay that will cover your prey's entire game screen when they are in this belly. You have a wide variety of images to choose from, and they are not in any way restricted to any type of belly. Therefore, you can use whichever image you feel best represents the belly that your prey is being put inside. There are also a number of images that imply bellies outside of the body, that could be interpreted as arms, coils, legs or cleavage (or anything else that comes to mind).


In this case, interactions refers specifically to the prey characters being able to change their state in the belly in some way by struggling (using the "resist" command). You can set a percentage chance of a struggle having an effect.

  • Interactions On/Off: Disabling interactions does not prevent the prey from struggling, and they will still receive struggle messages when they try. However, it does prevent any chance of them causing one of the interaction effects. Disabling this will remove the "You made no progress" message when a prey character struggles inside of a belly, and may be a good idea if you have set all of your chances to 0% regardless.
  • Escape Chance/Time: Here you can set the chance of your prey escaping when they struggle, and the amount of time it takes for them to do so when they succeed.
  • Transfer Chance/Time: Here you can set the chance of a prey being moved to another belly when they struggle, and which belly that is.
  • Secondary Transfer Chance/Time: You can also set a second transfer chance, to give a risk of going to another belly instead when they struggle. This is a good way to simulate a "chance to move somewhere safer, but with a risk of being dragged deeper".
  • Digest/Absorb Chance: These options allow you to set a chance for you belly to switch bellymode to something more dangerous when your prey struggles.


This contents screen allows you to see all of the prey and items currently stored inside of you belly. From here, you can interact with them in a number of ways:

  • Examine: This will allow you to examine your prey. You can use this to double check their equipment, flavour text, OOC notes and their injuries.
  • Move: This option allows you to move your prey from one belly to another. Eg, swallowing your prey from your mouth into your stomach.
  • Transform: The various transformation options will convert prey in that belly into the chosen option, such as male or female. Note that this mode is a bit buggy... SS13 is not great at changing characters after they are spawned-in.
  • Transfer: If standing next to another character, you can use this option to move your prey from your belly and into another person!
  • Expel: Expelling your prey releases them from your bellies completely, letting them run free once again.
  • Process: This option gives you the ability to instantly digest or absorb your chosen prey. Clicking this option will present a choice between Absorb and Digest, but only if the relevant preferences are enabled for your prey. Once selected, your prey will be given a confirm option, and if accepted the affect will be instantly applied. This is instant, if digest is chosen, your prey will immediately die. This can only be used on player controlled characters.


When you are inside a predator, the top of the vore panel will display the description of the pred's belly that you're held in, as well as anything you can see around you, such as items or other prey. You can interact with them by clicking on the buttons with their names. You can even use this to eat other prey that are in the same belly as yourself!

OOC Escape

This option is to allow you to leave a predator. It should only be used in situations that call for it, such as a predator that has disconnected for a long time and left you stuck in there, or as a 'safeword' if they're breaking prefs. Using this inside a hostile mob will cause the mob to ignore you for vore purposes, and will instead maul the daylights out of you as soon as you escape. All online admins are notified when someone uses this button.


There are a number of preference that you can toggle on and off to make sure that your vore experience on this server is safe, and that you never accidentally experience something that squicks you out!

Mechanical Preferences

  • Digestion: This is an option for those who don't like digestion as a matter of preference, or have a character that's immune in some way but don't mind being in the same stomach as someone that is digestible. Because it's a preference thing, the admins are notified when someone uses this button. This is saved alongside your other vore/belly prefs. Please only use this if being digested is 'squick' for you. Don't set it to just avoid dying in general. Trying to use it to avoid being eaten by hostile mobs will result in them violently murdering you instead.
  • Absorption: This is an option for those who don't want to be absorbed into another persons body via the "absorb" belly mode.
  • Devouring: This is an option for those who don't like to be eaten in general, this will prevent you from ever being moved into another person's "belly". Keep in mind that this will include more than just stomachs, such as if someone uses an "arms" belly for cuddling.
  • Mobs eating you: This is an option for those that do not want to be eaten by simple mobs. Note that this won't prevent them from attacking you, and may even put in more danger if being eaten might be safer than being clawed at!
  • Feeding: This option allows you to prevents people feeding other characters to your own.
  • Heal-belly: This is an option that can be used to prevent people from healing you inside of the bellies via the Heal-belly mode.
  • Spontaneous Prey: Spontaneous prey refers to actions that cause you to suddenly become prey without a character deliberately moving you into a belly. This can include falling into open mouths, people eating you by dropping onto you, or slipping on space lube into a hungry maw!
  • Spontaneous Pred: This option is the predator side of the options above, and will prevent you from accidentally eating another person by, for example, falling onto them.
  • Drop noms: If this option is disallowed, you will not be able to eat, or be eaten, by a person falling, nor by falling onto them.
  • Slip vore: If this option is disallowed, you will not be able to eat a person by them slipping into you, or be eaten by slipping into them.
  • Stumble vore: If this option is disallowed, you will not be able to eat a person by them bumping into you when blind, or be eaten by bumping into someone when blind.
  • Throw vore: If this option is disallowed, you will not automatically be eat/be eaten by a person thrown at you, or you are thrown at.
  • Food vore: If this option is disallowed, you will not eat a person who is hiding inside of a food item when you eat that food, causing them to be dropped out of it instead.
  • Inbelly spawning: Inbelly spawning is a ghost verb that allows a ghost to spawn as their character directly inside of another player. With this option disabled, ghosts will not be able to attempt to spawn into your bellies.
  • Hunger noises: Disabling this option will prevent you from generating stomach growling when your hunger is running low.
  • Resizing: Disallowing this option will prevent other players from resizing you forcibly, such as by size guns, belly modes or chemicals.
  • Step mechanics: This refers to certain mechanics that take effect between characters of different sizes, and disallowing this prevents those mechanics from taking effect. These include things like taller characters stepping over, stepping on, or picking up smaller characters with their feet.
  • Show Vore FX: This option allows you to turn off and on the image overlay of the belly that you are inside of.
  • Leaving remains: This option, when enabled, will cause you to leave bones and skulls inside of belly that has digested you, if it has the "leaves remains" mode add on enabled.
  • Pick up mechanics: This option allows you to prevent characters twice your size (or taller) from picking you up, and prevent you from picking up characters that are half of your size (or smaller).
  • Spontaneous TF: This option allows players to prevent themselves being transformed by in-game effects. This includes: Gender changing chemicals, and mouse (and other animal) transformation guns.
  • Selective Mode Preference: This allows you to choose a mode that you are comfortable being used when the "Selective" belly mode is active. Default allows either your partner to choose, or to have this be dictated by other selected preferences of you and your partner.
  • Global Vore Privacy: This setting allows you to change how visible messages are about ingesting/releasing characters from your bellies are to other players. Loud makes it visible to anyone in range. Subtle reduces the range of them to only people immediately next to you.

Aesthetic Preferences

  • Set taste: This section allows you to dictate what your character tastes like when you are eaten into a belly with "can taste" enabled, or when you are licked.
  • Set smell: This section allows you to dictate what your character smells like when someone sniffs them.
  • Set Nutrition Examine Message: This allows you to dictate what messages appear when someone examines you based on how full your nutrition is. Nutrition is a measure of your character's hunger or charge. There are 10 states of this, with 1 being the most hungry, and 10 being the most full.
  • Set Weight Examine Message: This allows you to dictate what messages appear when someone examines you based on how much your character weighs. There are 10 states of this, with 1 being the most underweight, and 10 being the most overweight. Remember that your weight does not have any mechanical effects, so you can use this to describe other aspects of your characters body changes depending on that value. However, be sure not to abuse these in ways that might offend or gross out other vore enthusiasts!
  • Examine Nutrition Message Active/Deactive: Toggle whether or not nutrition messages are shown when you are examined.
  • Examine Weight Message Active/Deactive: Toggle whether or not weight messages are shown when you are examined.

Making Back-ups

Bellies can be backed up using the "Export" button in the vore panel, producing an easy to navigate HTML file.

Bellies can also be backed up with the X-Print Bellies command found in the OOC tab. The best way to save your bellies is via this options "Open Panel" function, and then selecting "Export (HTML)". This will give you the option to download or save a HTML file that contains all of your current character's bellies, including all of their modes, descriptions, idle messages, settings and sounds! It is advised that you do this often to make sure that you don't lose your settings due to rare bugs that can occur. You can also do this when saving any changes to your bellies by selecting "Save and export".

Alternatively, you can choose "Print to chat". Using this command will paste all of your bellies into the chat window (for only you to see), where you can then copy them somewhere safe, or save the logs. This is always in plain text, and can be a bit of work to put them back together, but it is recommended that you do this every so often, just in case the worst happens! Unfortunately, due to the way bellies are saved and how BYOND works, there is no other way to import bellies.

Transferring Bellies Between Characters

Whilst the system is not set up in a way that intends for you to be able to move bellies between characters, there is a round about way of doing so. Be cautious doing this, and make a backup of your bellies first, as it is possible to make a mistake and erase your bellies.

The process of transferring bellies from one character to another.

Errors! What to do if your bellies have broken!

Rule number one, if you see that your bellies are missing or otherwise been replaced, do not save in the vore panel. If you save in here now, you are in danger of making any errors that have happened on your belly permanent! First, make sure that the correct character is loaded in the "character set-up" menu, and then use the "reload prefs" button, this might restore your bellies. Sometimes, it might not. The best thing to do in this case, is to leave and try again on another shift, but there is a chance they will not return. This is quite a rare thing to happen, but it does happen, so back up your bellies!

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